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Meetings do Not Mean Productivity

As a business owner you will be asked to join in on many different meetings as you grow your budding business. It’s important to remember that meetings do not mean productivity in business,

Productivity in Business

Business owners need to manage their time very carefully, especially when you work from home.

Over the past decade I have noticed a growing trend of adding meetings to daily calendars but the meetings in reality serve very little purpose.

Maybe it’s a collaboration? Perhaps an accountability group? Maybe it’s a space to share ideas and receive feedback.

All of these are great meeting ideas when the format for the meeting is truly followed. Oftentimes I hear of groups meeting and one person takes over the conversation with needs, wants, demands, you name it.

The end result is a group meeting that lasts over an hour where you weren’t able to accomplish anything for your business.

Setting Boundaries

The first suggestion I make to a client when they find themselves in the “meeting trap” is to start by setting boundaries.

Really you should set these boundaries before you start adding meetings to your calendar. If a meeting really needs to be on your calendar is should meet this basic criteria.

Serve a Purpose

If you are going to be spending precious time in a meeting it should serve a purpose. If the meeting simply turns into a long chat or a catch up of what has been happening in everyone’s life then this meeting should be removed from your schedule.

Every meeting you add to your calendar is time spent away from your business. If the meeting you are attending is not serving a specific purpose of helping you to grow your business then it needs to be reviewed before you attend it again.

Leave You Feeling Empowered or Supported

Let’s face it, every now and then the tone of a meeting or event plays a major role in our mental health and motivation to keep moving forward in our business.

Confucius said “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.”

While there are lots of different ways to interpret this information it’s also a simple reminder that you are who you surround yourself with regularly.

If you find that the company in your meetings is dragging you down, making you feel hopeless, unfulfilling or just negative in any way then this might not be the right fit for you.

In fact, I would go so far as to say it is the wrong fit for you.

Every meeting you have should be providing you with feedback and constructive criticism. These would be the most negative interactions you would have with your business.

You should never feel bullied, put out or be put down when in a meeting with colleagues.

I encourage you to find a group that leave you feeling fulfilled and empowered. Yes they will give you feedback that may sting sometimes but when they do it will be with love and kindness. You will know that these people genuinely want you to succeed.

Fit Within the Goals of Your Business

Every meeting you schedule should fit within your business goals.

This means different things for you at different times of your business but ultimately what your goals are for your current positioning will impact this.

Ensure that your meetings focus on where you want to head with your business.

If you have already completed your lead magnet, or several if you see fit, to drive clients to your business then meeting weekly with a group that is focused on lead magnet creation is not the right fit for you.

Keep surrounding yourself with business leaders that are working toward similar goals as you. Perhaps it’s a membership, course creation or launching a summit.

Keep your eye on the prize and maintain your focus so you can achieve your goals faster.

Know the Value of Your Time

Ultimately what you will need to understand to ensure that every meeting in your business is serving you best is to make sure each meeting is helping you to grow. It’s so important to remember that meetings do not mean productivity.

Guard your time, energy and ensure that each time you meet with someone it is leaving your cup overflowing, ideas abound and that everyone is continuing to grow on their business journey.

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